Much of the content may be a bit dark, but it is not necessarily in chronological order. There are no dates, because I don't think it matters if I wrote it 3 years ago or yesterday. I decided to write for me and I know most of the time I feel like writing is when I have something I need to process or work through; this is really my only place to come to and release.

I am not miserable, I am just healing.

Turkey Day Long Lost

Here is my rant about Thanksgiving...or lack there-of. So, why on earth do we see Christmas stuff in the stores at the same time as Halloween? Nevermind the pure irony of having witches in one isle and the Virgin Mary in the next...but what about that little holiday inbetween that we are completely irradicating?! Has it really gotten so popular to be greedy that we don't need to be thankful anymore? Where are the fall leaves, cornicopias, turkeys, and pilgrims? Why is there Christmas music playing before I even get a chance to throw out the Halloween candy? This really bothers the hell out of me for so many reasons. First, I actually LIKE Christmas and I don't apprecite having it ruined because by the time it gets here I have had Christmas music, sales, commercials, and lights shoved down my throat for over two months. Second, I LIKE being thankful. Now, I know you can be thankful all year round, but it just comforting to have a holiday that celebrates it. Third, it isn't nearly as magical if it consumes 1/4 of the year. Fourth, the marketing of the Holiday has turned Thanksgiving into a mere marker for the eve of insane shopping and trampling deaths. I could go on and on and on... Doesn't anyone else see the problem with this craziness?